Daily Rucks

A Bastion Fan Project

“So many folks, lost forever in the Wilds.”

“Maybe I shoulda trusted him. Told him everything I knew.”

“I’ve asked a lot of the Kid, but this is something he’s done on his own.”

What Is This?

This website posts a voice line by the character Rucks from the game Bastion (2011) at a random time each day. Rucks is voiced by Lo­gan Cun­ning­ham. Character artwork on this page is by Jen Zee.

The content is curated to avoid plot spoilers for the game. The daily voice line is usually picked at random, with the exception of special events during the months of July and December. Outside of those, only the most recent three voice lines will be available on this page at any given time.

How Does It Work?

This website is part of the fediverse. Search for @DailyRucks@fietkau.software (or this site’s web address should work too) in your Ac­ti­vi­ty­Pub-­en­abled social platform of choice, then follow the account to see its posts on your home feed!

There’s also an RSS feed if that’s more your jam.

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The Game

Bastion (2011) is a 2D action adventure game with RPG elements. The player controls the Kid, an intrepid young adventurer making his way through a colorful post-apocalyptic world. Explore the former city of Caelondia and the Wilds beyond, experiment with various weapon loadouts to scout out farther than anyone, and find out what’s in your power to rebuild.

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